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CUNY FQHC Financial Motivation Discussion

CUNY FQHC Financial Motivation Discussion


please respond each post separately.

1.The Federally Qualified Health Centers deals with the funded nonprofit health centers or clinics that serve medically underserved areas and populations and it provide primary carer services regardless of your ability to pay and the services are provided on a sliding scale fee based on a person’s ability to pay (HealthCare, 2022).

I think the FQHC is founded on October 1, 1991, under the Medicare and the target market or population of the company that helps primary care and services to people of all ages. They will have medical services to oversee and seasonal farm workers and the services to areas, homeless people and their families, people who are low income have no way to health care services. I think the financial motivation to patients deals with the FQHC helps health services like mental health or abuse of any kind tom people of all ages, and the ability to pay, which is funded by the government and the affordable care act of 2010, which will boost the government money to help support them to meet the health care services and the needs of a lot of people that will build healthcare coverage of health care programs. I think the ongoing quality assurance program will deal with the FQHC deal with outpatient hospitals that deal with special money back systems under the Medicare and Medicaid, and will help with the fee scale based on ability to pay, free service by helping to boost up quality service, and to understand the board of directors that deal with the patients and this service should deal with the FQHC to the patients that help them with the financial motivation to get care. I think that patient want to happy with the care that they are getting. Patients should and always be the first priority for any hospital in the United States. The workers should be trained the right way to service the patients with respect and to treat them with the right care. The program should provide the help for any patient and the situation that they are in.


FQHC (2023). Federally Qualified Health Center. HealthCare.


  • Analyze their target population and explain how they offer patients a financial motivation to receive care at an FQHC.

The target population of these community health centers (CHC), which is also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) are typically patients who have incomes at or beneath the federal poverty level. (Ginter, et al., 2018). There is a need for the healthcare services in this mass because there are shortcomings where primary care, preventive services, and emergency ministrations are more necessary within this vulnerable populace. The continued operation of these centers is granted from the Health Resources and Services Administration in the form of funding, and they fund four types of federal health centers; one of which is the Community Health Centers. The other three are health centers that serve the homeless populace, those that help the residents of public housing, and centers that serve migrants. The community boards preside over the federal heath centers and many of the members are actually the patients. The federal health centers furnish unmediated access to the services of the system as a segment of the health safety net. The community health centers accept funding from the state and local governments, some private institutions, and federal agencies; the resources granted are then used to provide healthcare services to patients in the underserved areas.

Other than any financial motivations to access care at one of the federal qualified health centers is that they are community-based and aim their focus delivering extensive, culturally suitable health care that is of appropriate quality. The efforts of the health centers also impart access to prescription medication, mental health privileges, substance abuse services, and oral health benefits in populations where there are barriers (economically, geographically, or culturally) to accessible care services. Patients are not expected to pay if they absolutely cannot, but when they are able to those who have earnings at or beneath one hundred percent of the FPL are only required to pay nominal costs and those with two hundred percent of the FPL are to pay the full charges. The agents of the CHCs are mandated to gather repayment from the third-party remunerators for those who are insured by such programs as Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).


Ginter, P. M., Duncan, W. J., & Swayne, L. E. (2018). The strategic management of health care organizations (8th ed.). Wiley Professional Development (P&T).

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