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CU Advocating the Implementation of Biometrics Paper

CU Advocating the Implementation of Biometrics Paper



Once you have data in the database, it is important to be able to query the database using SQL statements to retrieve and modify information from the database. Some of these queries will be for reporting, while others can be used to create dynamic input fields such as drop-down boxes. The SQL SELECT statement in its basic structure has the mandatory SELECT clause and the FROM clause. However, many other clauses can be used, including the WHERE and GROUP BY clauses. In addition, you can perform various functions on the columns. The SQL INSERT statement provides a way to add data to a table in a database. The SQL UPDATE statement provides a way to modify data that already exist in a database table. You need to gain some experience using these SQL statements so that you are prepared to use them in your Capestra application.

In this assignment, you will create various SQL statements to interact with the database. These statements (queries) will reflect functionality to be implemented within your application. Use the MySQL Workbench to do all the work in this assignment. Use the provided CreateOES.sql MySQL script to create an ‘orderentrysystem’ database. Use this script and the database that it creates as the base for the following tasks and for all remaining work in this course. This script replaces the one that you developed in Week 5.


Clarification for Week 6 Deliverable [DOCX].

CreateOES.sql [SQL].

Creating Programs [PDF].

Capestra Furniture SRS [PDF].

Assignment Instructions

Complete the following steps for this assignment:

List the employee IDs and names for all employees.

List all the product information including name, descriptions, and category names.

List all the orders for a specific customer based on the order date.

List all the customers ordered by last name.

List all product names that have been ordered.

Count the number of orders processed for each employee.

Insert a new unique customer.

Insert a new order for three units of some product.

Update the database to subtract 3 from the quantity available for the previously ordered product.

Take screen shots of your MySQL Workbench screens showing the results of each of the above tasks.

Paste the screen shots into a single MS Word document, inserting labels before each image telling what is being displayed.

Name your document, following this pattern: LastName_Week6.docx.


Submit your MS Word document by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday of this week. Do not zip your MS Word document before submitting. Do not submit more than one single MS Word document.

Competencies Measured

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and scoring guide criteria:

Competency 1: Apply the logical constructs of programming to the design and coding of application programs using a modern scripting or programming language.

Document the results of completed SQL tasks, using correctly labeled screenshots.

Competency 2: Implement an engaging user interface using modern technology to connect the interface to a back-end database that supports user requirements.

Package a cleaned project in an appropriately constructed and correctly named .zip file.

Competency 3: Apply data modeling practices to the design and creation of a relational database.

Join tables in a query.

Competency 4: Create structured query language statements to store and retrieve data for use in an application program.

Write SQL SELECT statements to query the database.

Write SQL INSERT and UPDATE statements to modify the database   

Assignment Overview
In this assignment, you will select a biometric technology to implement in an organization. For this assignment analyze the challenges of implementing a new technology with existing infrastructures and processes.Assignment Instructions
From your readings in week 6 and through other scholarly sources, write a 2–3 paper justifying the implementation of one or more biometric technology for your organization. Consider authentication, control, and access in your response. The organization may be your current organization, another organization, or a fictitious organization.Submit your paper to the assignment area by 11:59 on Sunday of this week.Assignment Criteria
Your assignment must meet this criteria, please refer to the rubric for this assignment.

Justify the use of biometric technology with support for implementation.

Organize response by authentication, control, and access.

Determine the requirements for implementing the new technology.

Determine limitations of existing infrastructure and processes to accommodate new technology.

Define the gaps between the needs of new technology and current infrastructure and processes.

Identify needed changes to infrastructure and processes for implementation of the new technology.

Present technical concepts in a manner easily understood by non-technical stakeholders in writing with credit to external sources.

Assignment Requirements

Communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, respectful, and consistent with expectations for professional practice in education. Original work and critical thinking are required regarding your assessment and scholarly writing. Your writing must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

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