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CIS 150 HCC Receptionist Desk System Replacement Discussion

CIS 150 HCC Receptionist Desk System Replacement Discussion


Final Project

As self-employed computer consultant Mr. Jones, a small business (SMB) owner, has hired you. Mr. Jones has an emergency need for replacement of his receptionist desk system. Mr. Jones need the new system immediate. Mr. Jones has a budget of $650.00 to expense for the new system. To avoid complex shipping and handling fees and time wasted, Mr. Jones has requested that you should visit the local computer systems and parts supplier ( Links to an external site.)and purchase all the items shown on the attached list and then assemble the new system. The system is used for the customer registry and for minor graphic editor during the off hours.

All the application software packages are available at the office. (MS Office suite, Photoshop, etc.)


  1. A description of the each item form factor and reason for the choice
  2. A description of each item specs, purpose and the reason for choosing it
  3. A complete working system (VM) configured to the specs (To be completed in class)
  4. A one page operator’s manual (describing,,, OS I/O ports, ON/OFF, Network, USB, HDMI etc.)
  5. A graphical representation of each component
  6. Your recommendations to the system users (e.g. Cleaning, Caring, Servicing, Securing, safety etc.)

Item list

  1. Case
  2. Power supply
  3. Motherboard
  4. CPU
  5. CPU Fan
  6. RAM
  7. Video Card
  8. Hard Drive
  9. CD/DVD/BLU-Ray
  10. Monitor
  11. Keyboard
  12. Mouse
  13. Operating System

what you do is click the above and then it will take you to a website click pc builder anf read the item list your going shopping for but not really but you have to stay under budget.

for example first item is case you have to find a good case and explain in a word doc why you choose that follow the deliverable above and answer. 

find out what the most important part of the pc system and spend the most money there.

part 2 


For this discussion, talk about the following prompts. You don’t have to talk about all of them, but I expect solid detail about whatever you choose to focus on. Choose something you don’t know much about, and can do some research about to enhance your learning. Let’s not all write about the first option.

  • What kind of network setup is best for a home with multiple computers? Should you use static IP addresses or DHCP? Why? How would you configure these options?
  • Discuss different types of network communication and the forms of protocol data unit (PDUs) as they cross each layer. What is the PDU for each layer of the OSI, and what function does it provide?
  • With the advent of IPv6, what is the future for network administrators and addressing schemes? How will they manage conversions from IPv4 to IPv6? Will it be required to convert?
  • If you are working with a client that has an IPV4 network running in their small office, what kind of issues could there be with IPV6 active but unused? Does this make troubleshooting more difficult? Could there be performance issues, or problems for a network administrator managing this network?


POST should be a minimum of 250 words.

  • Be sure to read any follow-ups to your post and reply to any questions or requests for clarification.

REPLY to two of your classmate’s posts, with a minimum of 150 words.

Citations – Cite your source! Not doing so will result in lost points.


In this week’s discussion, I would like you to talk about one way that you’ve benefitted from cloud computing. Try to think of something other than the things I’ve listed above, or prepared to go into detail about a way that you benefit. Let’s go further than, “Canvas is great because I can take online classes.” Give us some detail.

Then, take a look at the article below, and discuss how one of the issues listed could be a hindrance to your enjoyment of cloud computing. Be specific. Bonus if you can talk about a time when you were a victim of one the issues in the article.

8 Reasons to Fear Cloud ComputingLinks to an external site. (Number 4 will shock you!) <– See what I did there?

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