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CIPS Research Proposal Preverbal Trauma Discussion

CIPS Research Proposal Preverbal Trauma Discussion


1.Create an LOI for your research or program, real or imagined, using the template provided. Substitute the information in the parentheses with the details of your program. The LOI can be directed from a fictional nonprofit to a fictional funder. You may invent most of the details for this LOI if necessary. Keep in mind that this LOI should be brief and straightforward, focusing on the key points.

[Program Officer]


[Funding Organization Name]


Dear [Program Officer],

[Your nonprofit] is seeking support from [funding organization] through the [RFP] for its innovative [program or project description].

‍[Your program’s staff] will [engage in program activities] and reach [target population] in [target area] to connect them to [projected program outcome]. We respectfully request [amount of money] to [program expenditures] integral to making this project a success.‍

Since [Your nonprofit] was established in [year] as the [important milestone for your nonprofit], we have expanded our programs and initiatives to develop [significant features of your nonprofit that you want to highlight].

‍We have a strong history of [insert your track record of success here, in 1-2 sentences] and the opportunity from the [funding organization] is deeply aligned with our vision of empowering our [target area].‍

[Your target area] is [description of target area/population your program(s) are serving]. According to recent Census data, [insert short 1-2 sentence statement of need highlighting quantitative data].

‍[Your nonprofit]’s vision is to [insert brief overview of mission/vision]. [Insert a few lines about how the programs/initiatives you are looking for support your mission/vision].

[Insert 1-2 sentences about projected improvements to your catchment area/target population, focusing on quantitative descriptions].

The total cost of our [program/initiative] for [project time period] is [amount]. Your contribution of [insert amount of request] will provide the funding we need to launch this program, and [include what the support from the funding organization will be used to cover].

Our [name of project] is an innovative solution to [the name of the problem your program/initiative is seeking to address] we have identified in our community. We know that the [funding organization] shares the same mission to [describe shared characteristics between your nonprofit and the funding organization], and that you share our passion for [describe shared vision for the future]. By providing [short description of activities] in [target area] we will make genuine improvements to [area your nonprofit is seeking to change].

We so appreciate your time and consideration, and look forward to exploring ways that our organizations can partner together. If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a tour of our agency’s current programs and services, please contact me at or call me at ###-###-####.‍


[Your Name]


[Your nonprofit]

2.Five components make a strong impact statement: problem, solution, beneficiaries, outputs, and impact. The problem statement needs to be high-level, clear, and simply stated. This is the ‘why’ of the research, not just the ‘what’. Next, you talk about your proposed solution to the problem. This is where you discuss the research you want to do. Identify beneficiaries, as reviewers would want to know that you have a clear sense of who is going to be interested in using your research findings. Outputs could be anything; a website, educational resource, videos, pamphlets, workshops, etc. The outputs are how you will get from research results to impact. Often, the stated impact is only a sentence or two. It’s what all your activities will ideally culminate in. It could be an impact on policy, culture, health/wellness, the environment, and/or the economy. If your research is adopted into practice, what will that look like? What will the impact be?

See the example below, integrating all the components of an impact statement. Using this example, please write your own impact statement for your real or imaginary program or research. The example below is retrospective. Please make sure your example is prospective (i.e. what you expect to happen).






Individuals are considered Ultra-High-Risk (UHR) for psychosis if they meet a set of standardized criteria. Our UHR research focused on young people who may be at increased risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders and sought to identify people at an early stage of developing this illness. Research provided evidence that early intervention can alter the trajectory of psychosis, preventing the worsening of early psychotic symptoms. This led to a novel, specialized UHR psychosis concept. This pioneering work underpinned the Australian Government’s 2017 election commitment to the expansion of national early psychosis programs and paved the way for broader youth models of care that have been replicated worldwide.

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