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Chemistry Question

Chemistry Question


You will create a PowerPoint presentation that shows the process of going through an acid/base titration like you would if you were in a physical lab.Background Info:

Your lab assignment presentation involves putting together a PowerPoint presentation to show other students how to perform titration. In other words, your presentation can be used to show other students (next term) how they can perform a titration by following your instructions and calculations.  

To do this presentation (minimum 6 slides, in PowerPoint format), we are providing you with an acid, acetic acid (HC2H3O2) and the base (NaOH), and you will use phenolphthalein as an indicator.

You will create a mock titration experiment and use given hypothetical data (volume of vinegar, Molarity of NaOH and volume of NaOH for three trials) to solve the titration calculations (consult your instructor if you need further clarification). At the end of your presentation (only PPT slides), you will calculate (1) the unknown concentration of the acetic acid (Molarity) and (2) the % mass/vol of the Vinegar solution. 

Here is a video that illustrates the titration process and necessary calculations: Titration Experiment & Calculate the Molarity of Acetic Acid in VinegarLinks to an external overlay

Here is the hypothetical experimental data that was obtained after your hypothetical titration. Use the data provided for your calculations:

Your instructor will provide data for steps 1 and 2:

Students must complete Steps 3-10 for their presentation results!

The concentration of NaOH (from the bottle):                      __0.150 M___

The volume of vinegar used (that you poured in the flask):  __7.50 mL____ 


Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3


Initial NaOH level in buret

0.00 mL

0.00 mL

0.00 mL


Final NaOH level in buret

35.25 mL

35.50 mL

35.17 mL


Volume (mL) of NaOH used

  • Your presentation must consist of more than merely a series of bullet points to earn full credit.
  • Remember, you want to teach your peers how to do titration experiment and calculations. Your experiment should be reproduced with ease.
  • Use the Notes section for each slide to fully explain your answers, if necessary.
  • TurnItIn will be used, so paraphrase where necessary to avoid plagiarizing.
  • Grading: See rubric for specific grading criteria (in My Grades). You will be graded based on the rubric; therefore, carefully read it before you start creating your assignment. Remember there are 50 points, so your work must show quality and effort.

To include in your PPT presentation: Part 1

  • Title page
  • Purpose of a titration, what is titration and why do we perform a titration?
  • Include your thoughts on why understanding acid/base titration is important to your future career, and how you will use this concept as you complete your degree (at least 5 sentences with examples). Note: this section should provide insightful discussion).
  • Instrumentation – what are the instruments and glassware used when performing a titration.
  • Chemicals and Procedures. What chemicals are needed? List and explain the procedures for this experiment.
  • Observations and expectations – List the observations and write your expectations. This might include color change and when the equivalence point (endpoint) might be reached.

Part 2

  • Calculations and Results. Show all your step-by-step calculations and write your results for the Molarity of the acetic and the % of the acetic acid.
  • Your results must include the following step-by-step calculations: 
  • Your results must include the following step-by-step calculations:


Description of steps

Students must do


Average volume of NaOH used (mL)

Provide Calculations


Average volume of NaOH used (L)

Provide Calculations


Moles of NaOH used in titration

Provide Calculations


Moles of HC2H3O2 neutralized by NaOH

Provide Calculations


Molarity of HC2H3O2

Provide Calculations


Grams of HC2H3O2

Provide Calculations


Percent (m/v) of HC2H3O2 in vinegar

Provide Calculations

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