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CCC Nevada APRN Scope of Practice Discussion Reply

CCC Nevada APRN Scope of Practice Discussion Reply


Write Peer Comment:

1. Post the link to your state requirement for completion of the pharmacology course.

2. Discuss your state requirements and scope of practice for APRN’s in your state.

Nevada’s “Full Practice” regulatory framework enables nurse practitioners to make use of their advanced training-related skills and knowledge. Before seeking for prescription rights, however, new nurse practitioners must complete at least 2000 hours of supervised, collaborative practice with a doctor or supervising practitioner. The Board is working to make sure that all candidates have acquired the appropriate education, even if this could be a restriction, particularly if the nurse practitioner has adequate advanced pharmacology knowledge. Given that regulated drugs are being provided, this is particularly crucial (Limitations of Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in Nevada, n.d.).

NP in Nevada may prescribe controlled substances Schedule III-V if they are within the NP’s scope of practice. When prescribing Schedule II controlled medications for 2,000 hours or two years, an NP must have a regulated connection with a doctor. The NP must pass a test given by the State Board of Nursing and get certification from the State Board of Pharmacy. NPs are recognized by state policy as primary care professionals under Nev. Rev. Stat. 632.237, Nev. Admin. Code 632.259, and Nev. Admin. Code 632.2595. An NP who wants to practice as an advanced practice registered nurse must ask the State Board of Nursing to grant the license, which must outline the applicant’s position and the target audience for that role. The State Board of Nursing has identified the following demographics as its primary focus: 1) Women’s health or gender-specific health; 2) Family health and caring for a patient throughout the patient’s life span; 3) mental health; 4) adult health; 5) gerontology; 6) pediatrics; 7) neonatal; and 8) any other demographic of emphasis recognized by the board. Nev. Admin. Code 632.2597

3. Discuss the process on how to obtain an NPI number.

Healthcare organizations and providers in the US are given a special identifying number called the National Provider Identifier (NPI).  It is a 10-digit number that is used in HIPAA-compliant transactions to identify healthcare providers.  The NPI is an intelligence-free numeric identification, which means that it does not include any data about healthcare professionals, such as their medical specialization or the state in which they reside. In HIPAA standards transactions, the NPI must be used in place of traditional provider IDs. Through the CMS NPI Application/Update Form page, organizations may submit their applications online or by mail. Because it is the quickest method to get an NPI and the simplest way to follow the application process, DHCS encourages businesses to utilize the NPI online application procedure (National Provider Identifier Standard (NPI) | CMS, 2021).

4. Discuss CEU requirements for your state for APRN certification renewal.

An APRN must have successfully completed 45 hours of continuing education directly connected to their position or population of emphasis, which may include the 30 hours of continuing education needed to renew their registered nursing licensure.
Assembly Bill 105, enacted by the Nevada legislature in 2017, mandates suicide prevention CE effective on July 1, 2017. A registered nurse with advanced practice (APRN) certification must be obtained within two years after first licensing. After that, at least 2 hours of training in scientifically supported suicide prevention and awareness must be completed every 4 years. The Nevada Nurse Practice Act, NRS 632.343, has been updated to include the provisions of the law (Calderon, 2018).

5. What information is required by your state to be on your prescription pad when prescribing controlled substances?

In Nevada, prescription pads must meet particular specifications when recommending controlled medications. Assembly Bill 474, which was passed during the 2017 Legislative Session, made several modifications to Nevada’s prescription regulations and processes, according to the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners 1. In Nevada, a prescription pad must include the following information when prescribing restricted substances:

the practitioner’s name, address, and phone number, the patient’s name and address,
the issuer’s date, the prescription restricted substance’s name, strength, dose, recommended amount, and use instructions, the total number of refills permitted, the practitioner’s signature.
In addition to these specifications, Assembly Bill 149 mandates that prescription pads used to create and fill prescriptions for restricted drugs contain a 12-character serial number, a matching barcode, and other security measures (ControlledSubstancePrescribing, n.d.)

6. Discuss considerations for prescribing (non-controlled substances) when using telemedicine.

There are various things to bear in mind while writing telemedicine prescriptions for non-controlled medications. The American Medical Association (AMA) recommends that the following rules be followed:

Establish a healthy patient-physician connection before providing medicines. This includes gathering a patient’s medical background, conducting a physical exam (if required), and confirming the patient’s location and identification.
Respect state and federal laws: When writing a prescription for medicines through telemedicine, providers must respect state and federal laws. This includes adhering to any state or federal laws governing the prescription of medications, as well as any licensure criteria set out by the state.
Verify if the drug is suitable for the patient’s condition: The drug being recommended must be suitable for the patient’s condition and must not be incompatible with any other medications the patient may be taking, according to medical professionals.
Provide appropriate paperwork: Providers are required to provide appropriate documentation of the prescription, including the medication’s name, dose, and use instructions.
Make sure the prescription is completed at a reputable pharmacy: Providers must make sure the prescription is filled at a reputable pharmacy that is authorized to distribute medicine in the patient’s state.
It is crucial to remember that these recommendations are not all-inclusive and may change based on the particulars of each instance. It is advised that you speak with your state medical board or a lawyer with experience in healthcare legislation if you have any queries or concerns about prescribing medications through telemedicine (Prescribing Controlled Substances via Telehealth, 2023).


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