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ARH 1000 UWF Transcending Traditional Art Discussion Questions

ARH 1000 UWF Transcending Traditional Art Discussion Questions


Now that we have covered all of the content in this course, it is time to reflect! Watch the video below and complete this Reflection Discussion.

After watching Theaster Gates’ TED Talk, go all the way back to Discussion Three and revisit your answer to: Do you think art has cultural value and what do you think its role in society is? Then answer the following: 

1) What is the role that art plays in Gates’ mission to revive a neighborhood? And what did you take away from his talk?

2) Has your answer to, ‘Do you think art has cultural value and what do you think its role in society is?’changed/expanded during this course? Explain.

Can anything be Art?

Whether anything can be classified as Art is an intricate and subjective question. Art, often described as a conduit for creative expression that evokes emotions, stimulates cognition, and conveys ideas, has evolved beyond traditional boundaries. While historically confined to visual mediums like paintings and sculptures, Art now encompasses an extensive spectrum of forms, including performance art, installations, digital creations, and even ordinary objects. Taking a broader outlook, one could posit that anything can be recognized as Art if it demonstrates inventiveness, expressiveness, and the ability to provoke a reaction (D’OLIMPIO, 2019). Art is a profoundly personal and individualized encounter, with each individual potentially interpreting and appreciating it in distinct ways. This inherent subjectivity allows for a rich textile of artistic expressions and interpretations.

Cultural Value of Art

Art undoubtedly holds cultural value, reflecting and shaping societies’ beliefs, values, and identities. It helps preserve culture, convey stories, and comment on society. Art bridges cultural and language barriers, fostering debate and understanding. In society, Art plays multiple roles. It entertains and inspires, providing an escape from mundane realities and offering a space for imagination and introspection. Art can challenge societal norms and provoke critical thinking, fostering discussions about important social, political, and environmental issues (Crossick & Kasznska, 2016). It encourages empathy, fostering emotional connections and shared experiences among individuals. Additionally, Art can stimulate economic growth through cultural tourism and creative industries.

Placing Value on Art

Assigning worth to Art is a multifaceted process that combines subjective and objective elements. Throughout history, the value of Art has been determined by factors such as artistic proficiency, historical significance, scarcity, and market demand. However, these conventional criteria have limitations and may neglect or underestimate certain art forms. A more inclusive approach to valuing Art could involve considering its cultural, social, and personal influence (Crossick & Kasznska, 2016). Art that challenges established norms, advocates for social justice, or amplifies the voices of marginalized communities may possess significant cultural value. The emotional and intellectual resonance it evokes in individuals and communities should also be considered. Furthermore, art education and thoughtful engagement with artworks can contribute to a more enlightened and comprehensive comprehension of their value. Generally, the worth of Art is subjective and differs among individuals. It is essential to recognize and embrace the vast array of artistic manifestations and the various ways they enrich our existence and contribute to the vibrant fabric of culture. 

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