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APUS Cybersecurity MCQs Questions

APUS Cybersecurity MCQs Questions



1. On a random website, Alen created an account and uploaded Personal Identifiable Information (PII). After a week, the database got hacked. Attackers can collect PII and use it to launch an attack which is known as _______?

A. SQL Injection

B. Daisy Chaining

C. Doxing

D. None

2. James is a certified ethical hacker and works as a security consultant at XYZ Pvt Ltd.A client asked James to hack their competitor’s website for $5000. James agreed to hack the website for money. What kind of hacker is James?

A. Black hat

B. White hat

C. Script kiddies

D. Grey Hat

3. Arun, a black hat hacker, hack s a website. To retain access to the compromised website, he changed the password of the admin account. But he got caught, as the company tracked him. Which phase of hacking did Arun forget?

A. Exploitation

B. Scanning

C. Reconnaissance

D. Anonymity

4. Austrian banking industry regulatory agency is conducting a security audit to ensure that banks are compliant with industry regulations and standards. Alex is a security consultant of a bank, and his biggest concern is the physical security of the bank’s systems. What can Alex do to ensure physical security of the desktops?

A. Disable the use of floppy and USB drives

B. Have security personnel with every employee

C.Have a strict policy not to allow any guests or vendors in the company

D. Have physical lock for computers and laptops, so that no one can take them away from the desk

5. Glenask is a renowned IT company that provides security services to most of the banks. Glenask did not spend enough money to build a cybersecurity team. Now, the company’s reputation is at stake as a single hack can damage the company’s prestige. So, the company has decided to adopt the Risk Management Framework. In which way can the Risk Management Framework help the company?

A. Reduce the company’s profit

B. Reduce the company’s loss

C. Reduce the company’s depreciation

D. Reduce the company’s turnover

6. iTech mobiles have faced a failed brute force attack on one of their servers. Which tool can help them to detect, identify, and recover from this incident?

A. Operating system of server

B. Firewall


D. DLP–Data Leak Prevention

7. iTech mobiles have planned to launch an E-Commerce website. They do not want to use any third-party gateways for payment and want to build their own gateway. Which standard do they need to follow?


B. ISO27001



8. Jimmy has a bank account with ITP bank. Jimmy got an email from her bank to update herpersonal details using the link mentioned in the email. The link redirects her to another website. Jimmy may be a victim of ____

A. DNS spoofing

B. IP spoofing

E. Email Spoofing

C. Man-in-the-email attack

9. St. Paul school has blocked social networking websites in the campus. However, some students were found using Facebook during lab hours. By using what of the following, are the students able to access Facebook ?

A. IP Changer

B. Proxy C. Trojan

D. Ping utility

10. During an investigation, Carlin found out that one of the systems in the network has a MAC Address similar to the MAC Address of their access point Carlin sensed something suspicious. What kind of attack can it be ?

A. DNS spoofing

B. IP spoofing

C. Man-in-the-middle attack

D. Nothing suspicious. Two system can have the same Mac Address

11. Aryan’s laptop is hacked, and he cannot open any file except one on the desktop, which says deposit 10 Bitcoins in the mentioned account to get your files back. Why do most of the hackers ask for money in Bitcoins?

A. It is secure

B. It gives a better interest rate

C. Bitcoins cannot be traced

D. It helps to accept payment from other countries

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