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RUA: Nutrition Assessment

RUA: Nutrition Assessment

RUA: Nutrition Assessment

1NR-228 Nutri�on, Health, & Wellness

NR-228 Nutri�onal Assessment (RUA) Presenta�on Team Charter

Sec�on I: Team Member Skill Inventory Each team member will individually complete this sec�on and ini�al in the box.

Team Member Name Strengths/Contribu�ons Areas for Development Ini�als

Arielle Dupor Flexible communica�on AD

Peggy Ngemoh Organized communica�on PN

Yve�e Velasquez �me management communica�on yv

Nazeela Yousefi Informa�on gathering/ Reliable

confidence NY

Sec�on II: Work Plan This sec�on includes a plan for communica�on and wri�en work (please agree upon & complete all sec�ons).

1. Discuss your process to designate the team leader. Arielle D. The team leader should be willing to submit the assignments by the due dates.

2. Outline the responsibili�es the team gives the team leader? they hold the responsibility to submit the team Charter in week 2 and the RUA

presenta�on and outline in week 5 3. Explain how the team members will distribute the workload for the assignment based on

Sec�on I. a google document with all team members included in it, make sure everyone is

doing their share of the work, and ensure that all goals are being met each week. 4. Outline the �meline for comple�on and submission of assignment components to the

team leader (take into considera�on the assignment due date).

Sec�on III: Conflict Management This sec�on should include your plan for conflict management (please agree upon & complete all sec�ons). Since the combined Team Charter (with all team member informa�on and team conflict management strategies) are always available for review by all team members (i.e., for online courses, it is in the assigned Team Collabora�on Forum), team members should refer to it o�en and use it to agree on deliverables for the assignment, and ac�ons to be taken by the team leader should conflicts occur.

1. List poten�al conflicts that might arise between team members during this project. a. Include the team’s plan members who do not turn in work a�er the deadline. b. Include how the team will manage team members who do not par�cipate, or

par�cipate in a �mely manner 2. For each poten�al conflict, list the team’s method of resolving those conflicts. 3. Specifically address how the team will apply Chamberlain Care for peers during conflict


List all poten�al conflicts and how they will be addressed by the team. (do not put contact instructor as only method of resolu�on. Include here what the team will do as an empowered group prior to contac�ng the instructor)

● Conflic�ng/difficulty mee�ng: since our scheduled are not the same each week we need to determine a �me to meet

● Mee�ng loca�on: if we can not agree upon a loca�on to meet, mee�ng virtually is always an op�on with Webex

● If a member does not contribute then the group will reach out to remind them that their contribu�on is needed. Reaching out to the member allows them to seek help if they are confused or cannot find informa�on.

Sec�on IV: Team Goals This sec�on should include your team goals (please agree upon & complete all sec�ons).

1. List the team’s goals for the assignment project (these may include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals, etc.) contribute from each team member is needed, we need to work together to be efficient

in a �mely manner before the due date since we may have ques�ons 2. List poten�al barriers to the achievement of these goals and outline how they will be

managed. 1. Everyone has a busy schedule and can’t meet at the same �me. 2. Every member is not able to meet face to face. 3. Not everyone is able to contribute equally.

We will work around schedules to set up mee�ng �mes to work on the project a�er communica�ng.

3. Address how barriers for comple�on of the assignment will be addressed by the team below

__Everybody had a busy schedule this semester. That is why the only �me we could get together was in the late evenings.

We are going to meet virtually through skype or face�me once or twice a week un�l we reach our goal__________________________________________________ If one member can not contribute, we will not judge them, instead we will offer our help and maybe take over some of her responsibility, so we can finish the project on �me.

having a google doc allows for the team to see if the assigned part was completed. If it was not completed we can discuss what needs to be done in a mee�ng. Communica�on between all group members means we are able to ask each other if a task is confusing.

Sec�on V: Project Plan

1. This sec�on should include your team plan and should be followed by all members of the team. Since the combined Team Charter (with all team member informa�on and team plan) is always available for review by all team members (i.e., for online courses, it is in the assigned Team Collabora�on Forum), team members should refer to it o�en and use it to agree on deliverables for the assignment.

2. Using the table below, make a plan for each project week that clearly outlines each team member’s expecta�ons. (Be sure to assign a task for each member on the team and complete and agree upon each sec�on).

3. Plan tenta�ve due dates for rough dra�s and completed project assignments. 4. Specifically outline all tasks for the assignment, who the task is assigned to, and when it will

be posted for team viewing and approval in the Team Forum. Complete details are required in table below

Tasks Week 2 Assigned Team Member Due to Team Collabora�on Forum On

Contribute to team Charter all Sunday (Saturday on a google doc 11/6)

Go over rubric and assign tasks (face�me) all Monday 11/8

Tasks Week 3 Assigned Team Member Due to Team Collabora�on Forum On

post a menu from a daycare facility Nazeela Monday of week 3

each member should work on assigned task all

Tasks Week 4 Assigned Team Member Due to Team Collabora�on Forum On

complete PowerPoint all 11/18 (Thursday)

begin wri�ng script/outline all 11/21 (Sunday)

Tasks Week 5 Assigned Team Member Due to Team Collabora�on Forum On

Review PowerPoint and outline all 11/26

Make any edits need to the project and have it ready to turn in

all 11/26

Final Presenta�on Due to Team Collabora�on Forum for all team members to view and approve prior to final pos�ng to Submission area by the team leader

VI. Emergency Contact Informa�on:

Each member of the team must list alterna�ve methods for contact in the event that the team is not able to reach the student via Chamberlain email

Student name Student alternate email address Student cell phone

Yve�e Velasquez


Nazeela Yousefi


Arielle Dupor

Peggy Ngemoh


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