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Mare Alitagtag 4.2

Mare Alitagtag 4.2

Mare Alitagtag 4.2

What process would you use to determine what literature to use for your literature review? How does methodology of the study come into play?

The idea and process of conducting a literature review is quite daunting to me. When putting in just a simple search in a library search engine on single parents and work, I get over 500 thousand results. Therefore, learning to be more specific in my search and focus on more specific aspects such as barriers like skills training and affordable child care. I read an article that talked about how the literature review serves as the foundation of becoming an expert on a topic, which will build the students ability to form research that adds what is missing in the current body of knowledge (Boote & Beile, 2005). If a student limits their process to just working with the online library, they will likely miss out on some of the most important research available. I like the suggestion that I have heard from many people I have discussed with regarding research of looking at the references of articles or books that I find that happen to be relevant. Regarding methodology of the study, it is important to understand how methodology can affect outcome. If the sample size was small and in a particular geographic location, it will affect generalizability. It is essential to look at all aspects of the study as part of the literature analysis.


Boote, D. N., & Beile, P. (2005). Scholars before researchers: On the centrality of the dissertation literature review in research preparation. Educational Researcher,34(6), 3-15. Retrieved from

Darrell Thornton

1 posts

Re:Module 4 DQ 1

The potential topic and interest is the benefits of quality training and knowledge transfer. This benefit comes through learners demonstrating his or her newly acquired abilities, which in turn benefited their organization. However, (as the course dictates) a paradigm shift must happen in collecting information from learners. This change starts with coordinating communications (Iacob & Andronache, 2015) to increase effectiveness on what is expected in feedback from the learners. Instructors in the past handed out forms only to get all fives on the Likert scale (Köksal, Ertekin, & Çolakoglu, 2014), but the pertinent question is; was the quality of information collected reliability and validity of the data accurate? Emphasize on filling out these forms were never stated. Accurate feedback should helped develop the courses and show the correlation between quality of material and instructions, comprehension of course and effectiveness overall. This research and contribution will hopefully change the way courses are developed, conveyed and demonstrate that accurate feedback can change quality knowledge which in turn benefits the learner or organizational goals.

Iacob, S. & Andronache (Gogeanu), G. (2015). The Communication Paradigms in Education. Theoretical & Applied Economics, 22(4), 217-228.

Köksal, M. S., Ertekin, P., & Çolakoglu, Ö. M. (2014). How Differences among Data Collectors Are Reflected in the Reliability and Validity of Data Collected by Likert-Type Scales?. Educational Sciences: Theory And Practice, 14(6), 2206-2212.

4.1 Laurie Munoz

I have had an idea for my dissertation pertaining to sexual assault in the military. While this is a very general topic I am attempting to narrow the field down. In the military, individuals are given sexual assault training as a mandatory annual training. I would like to analyze how effective this training actually is in the military. One particular dissertation I read suggests that future research could begin with individuals who are just entering basic training and compare the difference between their views and the views of individuals who have been through the training at varying intervals in the military (Oglesby, 2015). Ideally I would like to do a longitudinal study of the individuals who entered into basic training. I would have them fill out a questionnaire that showed their thoughts on victim blaming and sexual assault. I would then locate them after a period of time possibly two, five, ten, fifteen year increments and see if the annual training has changed their perceptions of sexual assault in the military. I could analyze whether the attitudes had changes along with how much they have changed. Unfortunately this would be a very long process and not great for a dissertation so I would possibly change it to questions administered to individuals just going into basic training, then I would still use the same date increments but pool from the existing individuals currently in the military. This would allow me to survey those who have been in the military for 20+ years and see how the culture has changed during their tenure. The current literature on this topic is what led me down this road. In order to ensure that our research is original and relevant we need to see what suggestions have been made to further our knowledge of our topic. If we do not consult prior research, we are in danger of repeating the same research, wasting massive amounts of time with no real new pertinent results.

Oglesby, T. S. (2015). Measuring perceptions and attitudes towards rape victims of military members who had sexual assault training (order No. 3723191).Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection; Proquest Dissertation. Retrieved from

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