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Leaders And Systems-Based Practice

Leaders And Systems-Based Practice

Leaders And Systems-Based Practice

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Students Examples

Discussion 1

“Nurses are expected to coordinate care and collaborate with a wide variety of health professional across a variety of care settings. Nurses participate in and may lead quality improvements teams, which require coordinating input from the multiple disciplines involved in improving a particular aspect of care” (Sherwood & Barnsteiner, p. 200).

K. Masters (2020) stated institutions should provide processes that measure quality improvement to show that nurses are providing great care. I work for a large health system in the cardiology office. The office/clinic setting is held to the same standards as the hospital with safety measures and health inspections by government agencies.

At the health system I work for there are numerous committees that are available for nurses to join. Shared governance is one that is available. Nurses meet to discuss and make decisions that will impact their workflow and ways to better provide for their patient’s needs. At these meetings, nurses can have input and opinions heard. “Hospitals with sound shared governance structures demonstrate higher levels of staff engagement in organizational decision making” (Hendrian & Tipton, p. 12).

Our office has a director, who oversees the nurses and doctors, and office supervisor oversees clinic staff, receptionists, phone clerks, and nurse techs. The nurse is the leader of patient care. Each physician has a nurse who collaborates directly with them in office visits and patient care. The nurse is available daily to answer questions from patient phone calls to other clinics calling. We are looked to as examples that reflect on our physician. Attitudes, work ethic, and teamwork are observed daily by co-workers. It gives us autonomy in our job, which in turns gives us self-confidence in our daily tasks. I also collaborate with other specialty clinics as well as billing, staffing, and scheduling.

In my future nursing practice, I will try to be aware of the how not only my decisions affect the patient directly, but the overall health system as well by following the protocols in place to ensure the highest quality of care. I have learned over the last few years that strong leadership is important in employee satisfaction. As an employee, if the leader of the team’s actions is not what they stress to their employees, it is hard to follow that lead. In my future, I will remember that actions do speak louder than words and strive to be the best leader I can be.


Masters, K. (2020). Role development in professional nursing practice (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett

Sherwood, G. & Barnsteiner, J. (2017). Quality and safety in nursing: A competency approach to improving outcomes (2nd ed.). Wiley Blackwell

Hendrian, K. & Tipton, E. (2020). Decreasing hospital falls with injury. Nursing Management (Springhouse), 51(12), 10-12. Doi: 10.1097/01.NUMA.0000721860.61363.c8.

Discission 2

Masters refers to relationship management which includes “building collaborative relationships with both medical and nursing staff and building relationships with academia to facilitate collaboration related to nursing research and partnerships to ensure the quality of the future workforce” (2020). This type of management style is greatly applied to my current clinical setting. While I work within a large aeromedical company that is top-down leadership heavy, when you get down to the bottom of the hierarchy, we are small individual bases with various cultures through-out the company. Overall, each base is employed with 4 pilots, 4 nurses and 4 medics when we are fully staffed. The base is run by a lead pilot and a clinician base lead but helped by the various staff members. The base actual base is overseen by a non-clinical manager – who generally manages up to 4 bases within their region. The clinical manager oversees entire region of multiple bases. But on a day to management, our interactions are a collaboration of relationships between various agencies. We have strong relationship with our local fire department and their paramedics, to border patrol, to private ambulance employees to various hospital personal, all these relationships are extremely important to our base because they are essentially our customers. I interact and work along side a paramedic partner and pilot – it is all about the relationship and collaboration between myself and my partner to make sure we are taking care of the patient. I have a new medic partner that is very new to flight, so I have taken on a more leadership & mentoring role within the partnership.


Masters, K. (2020). Role development in professional nursing practice (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett.

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