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2 Coments Each One 150 Words (CITATION AND REFERENCE)

2 Coments Each One 150 Words (CITATION AND REFERENCE)

2 Coments Each One 150 Words (CITATION AND REFERENCE)

The functional health patterns are indispensable in enabling a nurse to develop an understanding of the past state of health for a patient and their current conditions. The general health patterns cover aspects such as general health, nutrition, elimination activity, sleep, cognition, living environment, beliefs, hygiene, and self-perception.

An examination of the functional health patterns points out that they enable a nurse to get a comprehensive analysis of the conditions facing a patient. For instance, a nurse can administer care based on functional health patterns (Wobeser,2014). Besides, it is through an examination of the functional patterns that nurses can conduct a detailed examination and raise questions that bear relevance to the prevailing condition facing the patient. Such an approach will enable the nurse to carry out an informed diagnosis that will mitigate the likelihood of medical errors (Gordon,2014). The past and present medical conditions will discern the administered treatment.

An evaluation of diseases such as kidney failure points out that functional health patterns are indispensable in deriving an understanding of proper understanding of the condition and offering the right medication. Notably, kidney failure has several symptoms, such as fatigue, confusion, nausea, weaknesses, and shortness of breath. The symptoms are common in other conditions and could easily be misdiagnosed if a nurse does not undertake a close examination of the functional health patterns in a patient. By examining the history of the symptoms, frequency, and the ancestry of a patient, a nurse can effectively rule out some medical conditions and enhance the likelihood of making the right diagnosis (Gordon,2014). Furthermore, in the case of terminal illnesses that are associated with elimination complexities, a nurse may rely on functional health patterns to help patients manage their pain. Such an approach enhances the quality of life for the patients.


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Kidneys are the organs that filter waste products from the blood; they form urine that gets eliminated from the body along with toxins and waste products. Kidneys are also involved in regulating blood pressure and electrolyte balance. Kidney/renal failure, also known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD) is the last stage of kidney disease. This usually requires dialysis or kidney transplant as a treatment.

Nurses play an important role in providing education and support for patients that are undergoing dialysis or are preparing to receive a kidney transplant. The first step in nurses’ responsibilities is patient assessment. By definition, assessment “is a process of collecting data from and about the client and identifying his/her problems or needs in the best possible manner that will set the stage for better planning” (Gbobbo, J. E., 2008). Nurses use observation, interview, examination and consultation in their process of gathering information and then the data collected would be analyzed to develop a plan of care.

Part of the nurses’ role is to analyze and discuss with their patients medication adherence; studies show that poor adherence is “dangerous and costly, and it contributes to hospitalizations, adverse effects, progression of disease, decreased quality of life, and excess morbidity and mortality” (Mason, N. A., 2011).

Also, “patients on chronic hemodialysis take large numbers of medications, a situation sometimes referred to as polypharmacy” (Briones, P. L., Merrill, D., & Salman, L., 2015). Nurses should discuss with each patient medication administration, side effects, interactions, adverse reactions of each medication. They should also observe current patterns of medication compliance and discuss past and current factors that can contribute to non-compliance.


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