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Public Health Manager & Medical Practice Management Paper

Public Health Manager & Medical Practice Management Paper

Public Health Manager & Medical Practice Management Paper


This project is designed to help you explore the roles of a manager. Decide what type of management you would like to learn more about. You may choose a person to interview from one of the following:

  • oral healthcare products industry (regional managers)
  • public health (health center managers)
  • research (University, hospital, or company managers)
  • medical practice management
  • hospital or clinic management
  • dental hygiene education (director or academic chair)
  • insurance industry management
  • interprofessional healthcare practice
  • retail management

*Note- You must select a person or manager that is outside of a private practice setting. This person could be an RDH but doesn’t have to be.

Please do the following:

  • Identify a person to interview that is in a managerial position, with at least one year of experience.
  • Develop a list of potential interview questions (at least 10) that will provide you with more information about their management position and responsibilities. (Please use the section on writing effective interview questions from Module 1.)
  • Conduct the interview. This interview is preferably conducted face-to-face, however, the telephone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime are also acceptable if a face-to-face meeting is not possible. Correspondence by email is not acceptable.

From the interview, you will write a 500-800 word summary. Please include the following,

  • APA Title page
  • Introduction of your interviewee (provide full name, along with credentials)
  • Position
  • Name of business or practice
  • Educational background or preparation
  • Summary of managerial duties and what you learned from the interview
  1. On a separate page (but in the same document) write your 10 interview questions used. SEE THE EXAMPLE. (Topics may include management style, likes, and dislikes, challenges/rewards, etc.)

*Note- the 10 interview questions should not correspond or prompt for basic information, such as the business name, or educational background bulleted above. Make the questions count!

2. Conclude with a short paragraph or summary of your remarks that express,

3. Would you envision a dental hygienist prepared with an advanced degree to be in a position similar to the one you are exploring?

4.Your overall impression of this managerial/alternative setting position. Does it sound like something you would like to do, or would you aspire to be in a similar position someday?

5.The in-text citation for personal communication should be determined using the BASDH APA Style Guide. Reference other external sources if they are used.

Writing Interview Questions

Interviews have many purposes. For some employers and managers, the task comes naturally with very little effort in preparation. Others will ponder what to ask. What is it exactly that they need to know about the candidate? Will the responses be important or is it just a feeling? Designing relevant, constructive interview questions is a careful craft. Being prepared and studied in this area of responsibility is vital in finding out if the candidate is a good fit for the position.

Contemplate was is deemed important to learn about a potential employee. There are frequently asked informational and traditional questions and statements, such as…Tell me a little about yourself. What would you consider your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you want this position? Once these pleasantries are shared

Good interview questions are:

  • open-ended (lead to a discussion, and cannot be answered with one word).
  • position-specific (are tied to the position and tasks the person would be performing).
  • reveal characteristics of the candidate (behavioral, competency, problem-solving, history/experience).
  • question the candidate’s abilities (hypothetical, outside-the-box).

These question guidelines can be used in a variety of interview settings, including when an individual wants to discover more about a position, company, or mentor.

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