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Spontaneous thoughts

Spontaneous thoughts

Spontaneous thoughts

Spontaneous thought theory was the theory put forward to explain people’s thoughts. The thoughts within us are dependent on the history of past events. The stories we read from books tend to remain in our minds for some time and affect our perspective on daily activities (Morewedge, 2014). The memories of the stories get stuck in our heads for several days after the reading. When people were granted some short stories to read, they proved to have memories of the story, but they reduced with time when the sentence structure and the wordings changed. Owing to the above-alluded thoughts, the research paper seeks to ascertain the hypotheses and variables behind an individual’s spontaneous thoughts.

It is hypothesized that the mainstream of one’s thoughts mainly results from the cognitive and the mental thinking process. The levels that individuals integrate information area corresponding to the previously paired associations Morewedge, 2014). It is assumed that an individual’s thoughts are hypothesized to be more spontaneous if they give a greater insight into the person. Therefore, individuals assumed and presumed to have more spontaneous thoughts have greater self-insight than individuals with more controlled thoughts (Rice & Fredrickson2017). A study was conducted on the child’s memory during childhood and the impressions that were formed. It was proved that the child’s self-driven and spontaneous thoughts were of more importance in reflecting the judgment levels of the child.

From the series of studies conducted, it was hypothesized that an individual’s thoughts were more based on their ways of intuitive thinking. Intuitive thinking is a significant reason behind an individual’s consciousness (Berntsen,2021). From the study, the child’s response and judgment levels were based on solemnity. From the study on childhood experiences, we report on how children the associations result to their thoughts and behavior. Therefore, it is perceived that the spontaneity of thought has a significant influence on the levels that an individual will be able to develop sensitive and meaningful self-made judgments and also reasonable self-insights. The dependent variables were the previous experiences, and they are the reason for spontaneous thoughts.

A follow-up experiment that might be vital in extending further research about spontaneous thought will be studying individuals in a romantic relationship. The study proves that the participants get to be attracted to an individual whom the mind gets to like in spontaneity (Baird,2017). Also, the study proved that an individual’s past experiences have a detrimental and outstanding role in the way individuals get to be engaged in romantic relationships. Individuals who have been in previous relationships that were violent are unlikely to be engaged in a relationship again. An individual with bad and unsuccessful previous relationships is likely to maintain good relationships. The phobia is because of spontaneity thoughts of previous experiences.

As a result of dependent variables based on the previous happenings in the individual’s love life, it is hard to be in love successfully. Spontaneous thoughts keep ringing in mind about the previous happenings. To enhance the success level of the experiment on relationships, the area way to increase levels of success. They were having a series of participant’s experiences could result in good results. The involved individuals should give a track record of previous experiences in romantic relationships and their childhood family situations. Records given will enable one to track the spontaneous thoughts of an individual.

Conclusively, this paper has sought to prove and identify the spontaneous thought theory of an individual. Among the results were that thought of an individual are based the past historical experiences and theory also the associations that were paired with previous and specific happenings; therefore, the theory narrative thinking of an individual results from spontaneous thoughts.


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