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BUSN311 Law and Ethics in the Business Environment Discussion

BUSN311 Law and Ethics in the Business Environment Discussion

BUSN311 Law and Ethics in the Business Environment Discussion

W6: Business Ethics Theory in BP Oil Spill

Review the articles on the BP Gulf Oil spill and corporate social responsibility in Required Readings. In your initnal Forum post include the following:

  • Explain how the philosophy of Milton Friedman could have played a role in BP management’s decision.
  • Explain how use of the triple bottom line framework theory with CSR could have led BP to make a different decision and avoid the disaster. What would have been the corporate considerations and decision making process?


Initial main response to Discussion Prompt

Student’s post directly responds to all the questions/points in the Discussion Prompt;
Student discusses at least two (2) concepts in the post that demonstrate student has reviewed the required readings, lesson, or other relevant research sources.


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