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BEHS 364 Alcohol In U. S. Society

BEHS 364 Alcohol In U. S. Society

BEHS 364 Alcohol In U. S. Society

Match Questions – 4 points each




  1. The public response to excessive drinking has been a mix of two general approaches:
    1. Directly reduce drinking + restrict availability/raise prices
    2. Indirectly reduce drinking + increase availability
    3. Directly reduce drinking + lower price
    4. None of the above






  1. Early in U.S. history, Alexander Hamilton proposed a ____________ to decrease heavy drinking
    1. Prohibition
    2. A whiskey tax
    3. Abstinence
    4. None of the above






  1. Dr. E. M. Jellinek was a researcher that:
    1. Is considered the godfather of the alcoholism movement
    2. Identified small portions of the population vulnerable to alcohol
    3. Suggested that someone with the innate propensity for alcoholism would actually develop the disease depends in part on living in an alcohol wet or dry environment
    4. All of the above






  1.  Drinkers are:
    1. Better educated, richer, less ambivalent
    2. Poorly educated, poorer, ambivalent
    3. Exactly the same
    4. None of the above






  1. Federal funding for research and treatment of alcoholism expanded and became institutionalized with the creation of :
    1. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
    2. National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA)
    3. Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
    4. None of the above




  1. Today, the “neo-prohibitionist” label suggests people that:
    1. Are moralistic and naïve
    2. Seek to reduce alcohol abuse by advocating controls on supply and higher taxes
    3. Promote deregulation
    4. Both a and b






  1. At the time of the Civil War liquor was used for:
    1. Drinking
    2. Fluid for lamps
    3. Industrial products
    4. All of the above






  1. The national prohibition was popularly known as the:
    1. Volstead Act
    2. Wilson Act
    3. Webb-Kenyon Act
    4. Reed Act






  1. Enforcement of the Volstead Act was done by:
    1. Congress
    2. President
    3. Treasury Department
    4. Homeland Security






  1. The class of people that maintained the same level of drinking throughout Prohibition was:
    1. Middle and Upper class
    2. Working class
    3. Poor
    4. None of the above






  1. The most successful self-help organization of our time is:
    1. Alcoholics Anonymous
    2. Narcotics Anonymous
    3. Al-Anon
    4. Marijuana Anonymous










  1. E. Morton Jellinek:
    1. Identified 5 varieties of alcoholism
    2. Wrote “The Disease Concept of alcoholism”
    3. Offered a science-based understanding of alcoholism
    4. All of the above






  1. ______________ was another proponent of the disease model who suggested that uncontrolled, maladaptive ingestion of alcohol is not a disease in the sense of a biological disorder; rather alcoholism is a disorder of behavior:
    1. George Vaillant
    2. E.M. Jellinek
    3. Stanton Peele
    4. Herb Finagarette






  1. The case for a genetic basis to alcoholism is strengthened by the observation:
    1. Identical twins are more alike with respect to the presence or absence of alcoholism than are fraternal twins
    2. Fraternal twins are more alike with respect to the presence or absence of alcoholism than are identical twins
    3. Identical and fraternal twins are equally alike with respect to the presence of alcoholism
    4. Identical and fraternal twins are equally alike with respect to the absence of alcoholism


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