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OL 342 Milestone One

OL 342 Milestone One

A. According to the article “The GM Culture Crisis” by Tim Kuppler it describes how GM as an organization is formed with dysfunctional cultures and still manages to attain significant results in work and worldwide scale. According to the author, the critical attributes behind GM are mainly through the changes that were introduced by Barra Mary after the ignition of GM switch to recall the crisis. Some of the initiatives incorporate the willingness to acknowledge openly the aspects undesired of the culture introduced in GM and the efforts that she is taking in an effort aimed at creating a resolution (French, & Schermerhorn, 2008). One of the most significant weaknesses encountered is the inability of the company to acknowledge that there is lack of functional leadership and culture as the primary cause of issues facing the company.
II. Organizational Modelling
A. After reading the case study, one can describe the present behavioral model in the organization as a Custodial Model. The reason behind the selection of this model is because money is the motivating factor behind the managerial orientation (French, & Schermerhorn, 2008). The other motivating factors are security, employee orientation, benefits and performance results that are passive in cooperation. Indeed, all these elements are mentioned in the case study.
B. The present behavior in the organizational modeling comparison to the model mentioned in (a) is based on two factors like Autocratic Model and Supportive Model. Under autocratic Model is based on powers. Furthermore, the authority is based on the orientation from the management (Kuppler, 2014). The other factor is obedience from the employee orientation. Equally, the psychological results from the employees are under the decision by the management. In this method, the employees need to meet sustenance, and there is a minimal result in performance. An excellent example of this technique of military and soldiers (French, & Schermerhorn, 2008). Under the supportive model, the method depends on leadership. Equally, the support comes from the orientation from the management. In this technique, job and performance form the basis of employee orientation. The other factor is participation resulting in employee psychology. Furthermore, the needs of the employees are recognition and status, and the result of performance is awakened drives. An excellent example of this model is software companies since the leadership in these organization gives the required support to the employees in performing the projects and tasks (French, & Schermerhorn, 2008). The other model is the Collegial Model where is reliant from a partnership and there is teamwork in the managerial orientation. Equally, responsible behavior is the orientation basis of each employee. The other factor is self-discipline psychological results for the employees. Similarly, the employees require self-actualization, and there is a moderate enthusiasm for performance (French, &Schermerhorn, 2008). An excellent example of this model is a social organization like the blood bank. Lastly, there is the System model where it depends on understanding, community, and trust. There is a compassionate and caring approach from the management. Psychological ownership forms the basis of employee orientation. In this model, mental result of the employees is self-discipline. Equally, the result of performance is the commitment, organizational goals and passion an excellent example of this model is a corporate firm.
C. The reasons behind different models’ application are that various organizations have different cultures. There exist some agencies that encourage relationship among employees and employer while other organizations like the military do not function properly if there is no strict leadership from the control group.
D. Considering that the culture in GM is changing for the better, the organization is implementing the supportive model. The model has resulted in the culture of the organization since there is a reward by the employees once the “Speak Up concerning Safety” and the management has now implemented the communication that the employees need to raise more awareness concerning safety
E. Formerly, the organization was not operating on an organizational model since it is an automobile manufacturer with the set code of ethics the company is expected to live up. Equally, the company was not operating in an organizational model that has a unique identity, and there was the loss of many lives (Kuppler, 2014). Currently, Mary Barra has started the changes in the organization that GM is to make a conscious effort in operating at the correct model in the group.
F. Personally, I do not feel that there is a drastic shift in the motivational model as the model trends in the organization. The organizational model has the same objective includes the willingness in exerting the high level of the efforts in reaching the goals and objectives of the team with a conditional effort and the ability of safety for the needs of the individuals (Kuppler, 2014). Indeed, the organizational model has different objectives in the other different perspectives including shifting the drastic models.

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