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Explain the importance of understanding your personal ethical perspective.

Explain the importance of understanding your personal ethical perspective.

Ethics awareness inventory the core concept entails a philosophical study of values and morals through determining the assumptions perceived about what is right and wrong. The word core stance is an acronym broken into different words each with different values placed on them. Each word of the acronym defines a principle of beliefs including a person’s character, their obligation, their results, and their equity. The beliefs include an individual’s morals, rolls, and values that will set the standard for the individual’s behavior and conduct that they display both in a personal and professional setting.

Ethics is something that can affect someone in their personal and professional life. This is the difference between what is morally right and what is morally wrong. In personal ethical standards, many factors influence one’s beliefs such as family, religion, and culture. An individual must fully understand their ethical perspective and how their ethics may affect them in their personal and professional life. Whether their ethics are good or bad there is room for improvement. Taking an ethical awareness inventory is an excellent tool for an individual to find out where he or she stands ethically in their personal and professional life. It may be able to provide someone who has a bad ethical perspective a thoughtful way to adjust to a good ethical perspective. Comment by Dr. Erin: These two sentences do not go together.

Different ethical perspectives lead to quite different conclusions regarding what constitutes ethical behavior. These differences are based onfundamental assumptions about the character of reality, the nature of individuals, and the obligation of individuals to one another (Anderson & Englehardt, 2001). ). A person’s personal ethical perspective allows the person to make decisions based on what the person perceives is right or wrong in decision making. Comment by Dr. Erin: Well, but wouldn’t that be why we have the APA Guide?

Every person is a unique individual with ethics and values that are different from others and specific only to the person. The ethics and values a person follows will serve as a guide that the individual can use to work towards specific goals that they may have set in life. Values and ethics will also influence an individual’s life, how the individual will live that life including such things as choices and interests that the individual has. The way in which a person perceives themselves, their perception of their own personal characteristics as well as the environment which surrounds them will have the person to make decisions which can affect every part of their life.

Analyze the relationship between personal and professional ethics in psychology

In a person’s personal lives, they determine what is right and wrong and influences how they interact with other people. When it comes to professional ethics in psychology, ethics encompass many of the same principles of personal ethics, such as honesty and fairness but may also extend to principles like company loyalty. A person’s personal ethics stem from how they were raised, religion, culture background, and people in their live that made an impact on their lives. Professional ethics, however, are based heavily on the requirements or principles of your profession. You may even be legally required to obey some ethical principles, such as confidentiality, in the case psychologists.

Finally, in the field of psychology codes of conduct our set forth allowing for a guideline in which professionals are to follow when engaging professionally in the field to help individuals. The ethical code of conduct set forth applies not only to the professionals but also to activities the professionals are engaging in in the field of psychology. American Psychological Association (2015), states “examples of activities in which the ethical code of conduct would be precedent are clinical, counseling, research, policy development, forensic activities, program designed and evaluation, and social intervention” (para. 2). Professional ethics also play a role in the field to terming how people would use their own ethical code or how they will follow the code of conduct that’s been set. Some people may focus on their ethical perspective by focusing on their obligation to do something correct morally which applies a focus on the person’s intent rather than results (American Psychological Association, 2015).

According to the American Psychological Association (2015), “the ethics code is intended to provide guidance for psychologists and standards for professional conduct that can be applied by the APA and by other bodies that choose to adopt them” (para. 5). The decision-making process created by the APA intends to help professionals working in the field of psychology by providing a guideline or foundation in which the professional can build off of. In order to make decisions in their professional settings psychologists and other professionals in the field of psychology need to consider the ethics code as well as applicable laws for their state in order to create an ethical decision. The decision-making process set forth by the APA can be used in its entirety, it can be broken down so only specifics are used, or it can be built off of to incorporate specifics for each professional in the field. In making decisions about professional behavior individuals look towards the code of ethics for guidance, building in values and morals important to the professional, and creating an ethical decision as well as behavior based on the code as a foundation.

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