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Cardiovascular Medications

Cardiovascular Medications

Cardiovascular Medications

Do not change the format of this handout.

Save your name to the document to receive credit and for easier verification.

Answer in 25 words or less if possible.

Use your own words only.

1. Define the following terms in your own words.



Cardiac output





Refractory period.



2. What is Angina Pectoris? (In your own words please)

Fill in the table below

What is Angina?

What causes it?

Describe the symptoms

3. Angina can be a recurring problem or a sudden, acute health concern. There are different types of angina. Fill in the table below.

Stable angina

Unstable angina

Prinzmetal’s angina

4. Nitrate medications can be administered to patients by various routes. Fill in the table for each route.



Nursing Implications/Teaching




Oral Capsules

Topical Ointment

5. Name one medication that is contraindicated with nitrates. What effect does it have if given with a nitrate?

6. Name one medical condition that is contraindicated with nitrates. What effect does nitrates have on that particular medical condition?

7. How would you instruct a patient having an angina attack to take their sublingual nitro? Please list instructions in order.

8. How would you instruct a client on how to use their transdermal nitro?

9. How would you instruct a client on the storage of anti-angina medications?

10. Name a drug other than a nitrate that is used to treat angina?

Hypertension Medications

11. What is Hypertension?

12. What is Arterial Hypertension?

13. What is the relationship between hypertension and fluid volume?

14. Use the table below to describe the action of each class of blood pressure medications.



ACE Inhibitors



Beta Blockers.

Answer the following critical thinking questions.

15. The nurse is preparing medication education for a patient who has been prescribed captopril (Capoten). Discuss the essential information that the patient should receive as part of this education.

16. State the nursing assessments needed to monitor therapeutic response and the development of common and serious adverse effects from beta-adrenergic blocking agents and calcium channel blockers. Differentiate the drugs according to indications of therapy.

17. What are two patient educational objectives for a patient receiving beta-adrenergic blocking agents for treatment of hypertension?

18. Lifestyle modifications are extremely important for the treatment of hypertension, but habits can be difficult to change for patients. Discuss education and referrals that the nurse will include.

Situation: A 64-year-old man comes to the emergency department with acute chest pain. He is holding his chest with his fist directly over the sternum. He is diaphoretic. He is in work clothes and has been mowing the lawn. It is 98º F outside.

19. What nursing actions would be appropriate immediately?

20. What drugs would likely be ordered if this were acute angina pectoris?

21. If a stat dose of nitroglycerin sublingual spray were ordered, what instructions would you give the patient for administering it?

Situation: When giving morning medications in the nursing home, the nurse comes to an order to apply a 2.5-mg Nitro-Dur patch to a patient. The medication administration record (MAR) indicates that the previous patch was applied to the right scapular area, but the patch is not there.

22. How would you proceed to execute the order?

23. Summarize the actions of each major classification of drugs used to treat angina pectoris.

24. Identify pre assessment data that should be obtained before initiating drug therapy for angina.

25. Lopressor



Generic Name



Therapeutic Effect

Most frequent side effect

Nursing intervention

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